A New Focus for My Personal Blog

A new focus for my personal blog

Following tragic circumstances¹ in which I lost virtually everything to an arson fire, I stopped blogging. I had to take some time off to put my life back together.

Almost two years later, having finally settled in a new house, I’m now ready to blog again on a regular basis.

Rebooting my blogs

As I sat down to define a plan to reboot all of my blogs, I felt like I was staring at unkempt gardens. It felt overwhelming but also exciting, as the break introduced an opportunity to start afresh with new direction and purpose.

I knew right away what I wanted to do with my technical blogs.²

Programming Zen will primarily focus on helping people become programmers and/or improve their career in technology.

Technical Blogging will continue to focus on helping programmers and other professionals achieve the recognition they deserve through the exposure blogging can give them.

Relaunching my personal blog

The struggle got real when defining the goals and direction for my personal blog. The truth is, I have many interests and they tend to change and evolve over time. This meant that my existing posts were an incohesive collection of random thoughts spanning various eras of my life.

Mind you, some articles are still quite popular and helpful.

Years later, I still have sixteen-year-old kids thanking me for my post full of tips on how to get a driver’s license in Ontario. Fellow immigrants send me grateful notes for my article regarding the process I went through in order to receive my Canadian citizenship.

Still, it’s a hodgepodge which includes personal events, poems, local gym and coffee maker reviews, and much more.

This eclectic mix is not unusual for a personal blog, but it’s not the direction I want, at this stage in my life, for my blog. If I’m going to invest the time, I need to create something valuable as a whole.

There is always my Twitter account for my more random thoughts.

Focusing on becoming more

After mulling it over, I decided to keep the old blog in read-only mode, so that people coming from Google can still access these helpful posts from years past. At the same time, I would relaunch my personal blog with no baggage on the root of my domain name.

My main goal with this blog is to create a useful resource that can genuinely help you achieve your goals.

As I’m on a journey to radically improve every meaningful aspect of my life, I realized that others could benefit from my failures, my successes, and the lessons I learn along the way.

In fact, by attempting to improve myself I breathed new hope, passion, and meaning in my life. It’s invigorating – and I truly wish to pass this feeling onto other people.

I also tend to read countless books and articles on the topic, experiment with the techniques, invent my own, and try to make incremental progress on a daily basis. Among failures, I’ve also had quite a few good results and breakthroughs along the way.

Join me

I don’t claim to have all the answers and even if I did, they would be specific to my personal circumstances and the way my brain works.

What I want to do is share some of the things that I learn as I go through the adventure of improving myself and my life. Document the journey in the process, if you will.

Lessons learned, insights, tools, techniques, and musings related to self-improvement, mindset, productivity, effectiveness, personal philosophy, and associated topics.

I hope that you stick around by subscribing below. I’ll strive for impact, but it should be entertaining if nothing else. 🙂


  1. You can read more details about the arson story on my programming blog.
  2. If you are a long time follower or friend, you might notice that I have not included Math Blog. That’s because I sold it in 2017 and used the profits for the downpayment on a house.

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