Hi there,

I'm an Engineering Manager and AI Specialist at IBM, a published author, and a Web entrepreneur.

I'm passionate about programming, AI, online marketing, and entrepreneurship. Oh, and I'm really into fishing and photography.


Programming Zen

Programming Zen

Tiber Outfitters

Tiber Outfitters - Superior Quality Canadian and European Fishing Gear


Plant-Based Diet

Any New Books

Any New Books

TonyCangiano.com (My Photography Portfolio)



Technical Blogging, 2nd Edition (2019)

Technical Blogging (2nd Edition)

Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers (2009)

Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers

Fun FAQs

Personal Professional
I was born and raised in Italy, but I've been in Canada for almost 20 years and I'm a Canadian citizen. I work for the Skills Network at IBM.
In 2016, I lost virtually everything to an arson fire. I recovered and bought a house just 16 months later. I was a very early adopter of .NET, Rails, and Django.
I'm a humanist who believes in science and reason. I've been called "the guy who brought Rails and Django to IBM".
My hobbies include fishing, photography, and reading (among others). In 2009, I authored Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers for Wrox.
I love cycling, boating, and the outdoors in general. In 2012, I authored Technical Blogging for The Pragmatic Bookshelf. In 2019, I published its second edition.
I love a wide range of music and am a bit of an audiophile. I'm the Marketing Lead for CognitiveClass.ai, a site I helped grow to over 3 Million learners worldwide.
In 2017, I completed a 365 photo project without skipping a single day. I love taking online courses.
I'm an ISSA Certified Nutritionist. For many years, I wrote a regular column for the PragPub magazine.
I'm on a mission to improve myself. I believe in grit and personal responsibility. I founded and eventually sold Math Blog.
I love animals and have a beautiful dog named Annie. I'm really into chatbots. My courses on AI virtual assistants have been taken by well over 300,000 people.